This Diet Program Helped My Son’s Autism and Eczema

by | Mar 28, 2022 | Patient Experiences, Testimonials

This Diet Program Helped My Son’s Autism and Eczema123

My almost 6 year old son was suffering from autism-like symptoms, such as brain fog, slow reactions, anxiety manifested in teeth grinding and wriggling. He had bad eczema on his hands and sometimes urinated very frequently. I felt that this unbalanced state may be triggered by some food sensitivity but had no idea which. After having identified cow’s milk as a trigger through trial and error basis and excluding it from his diet, his state improved but I still felt there are other food items causing distress in his body, although allergy tests did not indicate any.

Following great reviews about the MRT I decided to test my son and it appeared his body reacted strongly to many items present in his daily diet, such as bell peppers, broccoli, and most importantly spy, which explains a part of his state already in his baby years when he was taking Vitamin D enhanced soy lecithin. The test results came with a very informative booklet about the LEAP Program and a 5 week menu, which helped immediately exclude all harmful foods from my son’s diet. After that we have been progressing from the least reactive foods to more reactive ones over time, while maintaining a very balanced and nutritious diet. I was also offered support from a wonderful and knowledgeable dietitian – Diana C. Bright, who has been reviewing everything that my son is eating, providing recipes and advice as well as collecting feedback.

All in all, after my son, my entire family took the MRT test and switched to eating non-reactive foods. This completely ended constipation in my 2.5 year old daughter and improved my husband’s and my wellbeing. The MRT/LEAP was by far the most important milestone in our health improvement.

Monika U.