CLT Course Description

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Introducing an At-home Study Course that helps Dietitians Manage the Dietary Component of IBS, Migraine, Arthritis, IBD and other Inflammatory Conditions
CLT Course Description

Nearly 60,000,000 Americans suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, and fibromyalgia. Approximately 1/3 of them suffer moderate to severely debilitating symptoms, are refractory to standard therapies, and are actively seeking a solution for their illness. So, what do IBS, migraine, and fibromyalgia have in common? In many cases, dietary triggers such as foods and food chemicals provoke symptoms. Numerous peer-reviewed controlled studies confirm this fact. Yet for the vast majority of physicians, diet remains one of the most overlooked and disregarded areas of treatment.

A dietary problem requires a dietary solution. And that dietary solution is best administered by a properly trained dietitian. If food and food chemicals play a role in making a patient ill, how can the patient get well without appropriately addressing diet? The truth is they can’t. That’s why so many patients suffering from these conditions are refractory to conventional drug therapies – because drugs don’t address the underlying problem. Since medications are the primary treatment modality used by most physicians, it’s unrealistic to expect any improvement in outcomes. The time has come for Dietitians to take the lead in helping patients with these conditions. But what training is needed and where can it be found?

The Certified LEAP Therapist Training Course

The Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT) Training Course has been created to provide dietitians an opportunity to gain access to a highly effective method of helping food-sensitive patients. This comprehensive training has been developed by a team of dietitians, physicians, immunologists, and medical business professionals with more than 100 years of combined experience in treating food sensitivity-related conditions. This training is more than just interesting, informative, and educational -It’s practical. It provides the trainee with all the necessary tools to enable them to manage patients effectively and quickly build their practice.

LEAP is the most strategic method of dealing with food sensitivity-related illness that you can find anywhere. It has been used to successfully treat thousands of patients with IBS, migraines, fibromyalgia, autism, ADD/ADHD, IBD, urticaria, chronic fatigue syndrome, obesity, etc. There is no other program as effective for patients and no other program that is so tailored to the clinical and business needs of the private practice or clinical dietitian.

CLT Course Description

Here are just a few of the topics that are covered in The Certified LEAP Therapist Training Course:

Applying Dietary Treatment for Food Sensitive Patients:

  • How to do a proper elimination and rotation diet
  • What to do with food families when food chemicals are reactive and why it’s critical to do this!
  • What is the most strategic method of building a truly healthy diet for food sensitive patients
  • How to get patients to focus on which foods they should be eating
  • Generating menu ideas, recipes, interesting food alternatives & substitutes
  • How best to educate your patient on oligoantigenic dieting

Diagnostic Testing for Adverse Food Reactions:

  • Which ones work, which ones don’t, and the scientific evidence that explains why
  • Why IgG testing is limited for IBS, migraine and fibromyalgia patients
  • Why diet diaries don’t usually help

Building Your Practice:

  • How to set your practice apart from other Dietitians with this unique Program
  • How to expand your referral base
  • How to get more referrals from your current physicians
  • How to get more patients to commit to lifestyle changes
  • How to be paid for services instead of relying on insurance
  • The right and wrong ways to sell your new services to physicians and patients
  • How to significantly increase practice income with LEAP

And much more.

The CLT Training Course includes approximately 12 hours of narrated powerpoint slide presentations divided into 8 modules, an Affiliate Dietitian Guide, a 50-page monograph detailing the physiologic basis of adverse food reactions in IBS and migraine, the proprietary LEAP treatment protocols, templates of all forms needed to implement LEAP into your practice, the certification exam and support of a LEAP Mentor.

To make your practice more successful while helping hundreds of desperate patients get their lives back, order the Certified LEAP Therapist Training Course today. Order online or call 888-669-5327 to place your order by phone.