Specimen Collection & Shipping

Specimen Collection & Shipping

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NOTE: Although different draw kits may have different size tubes, they will only have one size tube within each individual draw kit. No draw kit will have a mix of tubes.

Because the volumes of the tubes is different, so are the number of tubes we require to run MRT.

Specimen Requirements (# of tubes needed for each size tube):

  • 2.7 mL: 6 filled tubes
  • 4.5 mL: 3 filled tubes
  • 8.1 mL: 2 filled tubes

Each draw kit will contain the appropriate number of tubes and will also have specific collection instructions included in each draw kit based on the volume of tubes within each draw kit.

If you have any questions, please contact Oxford Client Services at 561-848-7111

Blood Collection and Shipping Instructions 4.5 mL ver 2-28-23-1