Collaboration with
Sony Biotechnology, Inc.

Sample MRT Results
Food sensitivities are an important source of inflammation underlying most chronic inflammatory illness. The process of healing starts with identifying inflammation-provoking foods and chemicals.

The patented MRT Leukocyte Activation Assay (LAA-MRT™) was made possible through a collaboration with Sony Biotechnology, Inc., the company that manufactures the unique MRT® instrumentation. These instruments have been configured to Oxford’s precise specifications, and combine 2 different advanced methods of cellular measurement to give practitioners and their patients critical and functional information that no other test or method can provide. Because of our collaboration with Sony Biotechnology MRT® provides unparalleled accuracy, precision, and clinical utility.

MRT is the only food sensitivity assay, either antibody or cell-mediated, that quantifies the degree of the inflammatory response to each antigen tested. In addition, MRT® is the only LAA that can independently identify inflammatory reactions in each leukocyte subgroup (neutrophils, monocytes, and lymphocytes).

That means MRT can account for a spectrum of reactions and pathways that no other LAA or antibody test can account for. This means the most meaningful test results and therapy that maximize clinical outcomes for your patient.

Collaboration with Sony Biotechnology, Inc.