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The most effective MNT I’ve ever used…

What CLTs Say

Susan Linke MBA, MS, RD, LD, CLT LEAP Mentor

“I’ve worked with over 10000 patients and have had such consistently excellent results that LEAP has proven itself beyond any shadow of a doubt.  I have seen a remarkable turnaround in patients where all other therapies failed – and these were referrals from board-certified gastroenterologists and other doctors.  Inflammatory bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc., the list goes on and on. There is no other single therapy that I know of that has such broad application in medicine. I’ve also mentored hundreds of dietitians who have also experienced the same dramatic outcomes that I regularly see.  LEAP represents the highest standard of what a dietitian is able to bring to the medical team.  LEAP is a game changer and I am so proud to be a part of it.”

LEAP is a life changing dietary protocol!

“What I like about MRT Testing is that it takes the guesswork out of what to eat and what not to eat to heal your body and reduce your symptoms. It’s like having an accurate internal roadmap for your own body! Additionally, as a Certified LEAP Therapist (CLT), I have the training to implement a life-changing dietary protocol! Think of it like this; the MRT test is like the GPS of your body and the CLT contains the detailed, most up-to-date map to make sure it’s leading you down the quickest, safest path.”

What CLTs Say

Lila Ojeda MS, RDN, CSCS, RYT, CLT


What CLTs Say

Alicia Galvin Smith MEd, RD, LD, CLT

“Becoming a Certified LEAP Therapist and utilizing the Mediator Release Test in my private practice has been a game changer for my career. The positive results that I have seen in patients, after being tested and then following the LEAP protocol, have been such a rewarding experience. I am so grateful that I have this tool in my toolbox as a clinician, and as a dietitian, it is fantastic to truly use food as medicine for my clients!”

LEAP gives folks their lives back…

“When I started offering LEAP in my practice, my client load doubled! I cannot say enough positive things about MRT and the LEAP protocol. It truly changes lives and gives folks their health back. After trying many other treatments, the LEAP protocol gets folks on the road to recovery after they had unsuccessfully tried “everything” (prescriptions, creams, bland diets). The LEAP mentors are amazing and I have learned so much from our community of LEAP RDs. It truly feels like family!”
What CLTs Say

Caitlin Russell MS, RDN, CLT

The best career decision I ever made…

What CLTs Say

Carie Perrino RDN, LDN, CLT

“Becoming a Certified LEAP Therapist was the best decision I made in my career. I have a deeper understanding of how food affects the body beyond conventional MNT and this has allowed me to change so many people’s lives!”


Patients love LEAP…and refer more patients!

“Just 20 months after starting a part-time virtual practice I received this email:

“Hi Stacie, I’ve been asking for a sign of what to do about my health so I’m going to take 4 people recommending you in the last month as “a sign.” I would like to schedule an initial consultation with you for your food sensitivities program.”  

Word of mouth from my satisfied LEAP clients is my most successful (and only) marketing tool!”

What CLTs Say

Stacie Haaga RD, CLT

LEAP is life changing and career enhancing!

What CLTs Say

Meg Mangano RDN, CSSD, CLT

“The LEAP food sensitivity program came at a time when I needed help for my own personal health and immunity. Having been my own first subject, not only did I have a life-changing experience, I had a career-enhancing experience. Incorporating LEAP into my practice has helped my clients and my athletes feel better, sleep better, recover better, and perform better than they ever had before.”

Food sensitivities are real!

“Food sensitivities are real. 15 years ago, no one believed my acne was the result of gluten sensitivity but recent research provides evidence of non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Similarly, many of my patients who have been suffering for years from GI issues, skin problems, anxiety, and joint pain find relief when they follow the LEAP Protocol, a simple and targeted elimination diet. Since food sensitivities are dose-dependent and symptoms can be delayed 24-72 hours after consumption of certain foods, my patients find the LEAP protocol allows them to eat more foods and avoid vitamin deficiencies while experiencing dramatic relief from their symptoms.”

What CLTs Say

Michelle Mudge-Riley DO, MHA, RD, LD, CLT

LEAP gives me a competitive advantage…

What CLTs Say

Yvette Quantz LD, RD, CLT

“As a dietitian working primarily with fitness centers and trainers who sometimes think “What can she do that is different from me, why do I need a dietitian?” – being LEAP certified and being able to provide food sensitivity testing gives me a credible edge and credibility for more referrals. I am able to offer a unique test to identify and remove foods that are causing inflammation resulting in a healthier client who performs better!”

Dramatic clinical outcomes in my patients…

“Using the LEAP Protocol, I not only get to see dramatic clinical outcomes in my patients, but I have more motivation and pride than ever in my role as a health care provider. I can SEE the difference that I make in my patients’ lives!

On a personal note: I followed the LEAP Protocol to gain knowledge as a clinician, but I surprisingly found relief from symptoms that I had been dealing with for 7 years, and even more surprisingly, my 6 month old who was exclusively nursing at the time had complete elimination of frequent gas symptoms. LEAP has changed my life both professionally and personally!”

What CLTs Say

Abby Heidari RD, LD, CLT

It’s so much fun to help so many patients…

What CLTs Say

Julianne Koritz MS, RD, LDN, CLT

“I would like to brag once again about my patients’ results.  I had an IBS patient this morning. After a little more than 1 week on the program, her Symptom Survey score of 74 was reduced to just 11.  I see these kinds of results all the time. I’m so glad that I stumbled onto LEAP so many years ago. It has really helped my practice grow and it’s so much fun to help so many patients.”

LEAP has been the best part of my practice…

“LEAP has been the best part of what I have offered so far in my 20+ years as a private practice RD. It has been fun and challenging for me as a professional to incorporate this into my counseling and a great source of revenue for what I do. I see a huge need for this service and I am so glad I “LEAPED” into this science!!”
What CLTs Say

Angela Moore MS, RD, LD, CLT

…stimulated, fascinated & rewarded every day

What CLTs Say

Sandra Meyerowitz MPH, RD, LD, CLT

“Adding LEAP has turned my practice around! Things were feeling stale just addressing the usual wellness and weight management concerns of my clients. Now, with LEAP, I’m stimulated, fascinated, and rewarded each and every day as I help my clients uncover their food triggers and master a whole new way of eating. They regain a quality of life that they were missing and I feel great knowing I have changed someone’s life for the better. No two people are the same so each case is a new challenge.”

8 years of evidence proves LEAP works…

“I have been using LEAP in a pediatric gastroenterology practice for over eight years. I have used the program on over 150 patients and have seen many cases of remarkable turnaround when nothing else worked.  I have eight years of evidence that this protocol improves patient outcomes.”
What CLTs Say

Jennifer J. Masters MS, RD, LDN, CLT

The best decision I’ve made as an RD…

What CLTs Say

Frances Arnold RDN, CLT, ERYT

“Becoming LEAP-certified has been the best decision I’ve made as an RD. It’s incredible to have a welcoming group of professionals who mentor each other along. Where else would I have found such value, and for such a low cost? The weekly phone calls are tremendously special, too. I always walk away buzzing with new insights and understanding. In short, I feel like I’ve hit the mega-jackpot. I’ve learned more from Jan and from this LEAP community than anywhere else as an RD. This is a serious treasure, and I’m blown away.”