Case of Aggressive Form of Atopic Dermatitis

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Testimonials

“I have known Ellen Harris as a friend for twenty years. Last summer I found myself needing her professional services. I had been suffering from an increasingly aggressive form of atopic dermatitis for four years. It had spread all over my face, neck, and arms. I was miserable.

a case of aggressive atopic dermatitis

Allergists and dermatologists had been misdiagnosing it and treating it with injections and salves that only addressed the symptoms (and poorly at that), but never the sources causing the inflammation. My wife suggested that I approach Ellen to see if a change in diet might help. I met with her, and she arranged that I take the MRT-LEAP blood test. The results came back, showing that I had sensitivities to various foods and food additives. With Ellen’s assistance and that of her mentors, I then went on the MRT-LEAP Immunocalm Diet. After four weeks on a strict diet, my dermatitis was nearly gone. In the weeks that followed, I gradually added low-risk foods back into my diet. I am now nearly rash-free, and am able to keep my dermatitis almost completely in-check by means of controlling what foods I eat. I will always be grateful to Ellen for the assistance she offered me in alleviating my extreme discomfort.”


Ellen Harris Certified LEAP Therapist

This great story comes from a client of nutrition counselor and teacher Ellen Harris, EdM, RDN, LDN and Certified LEAP Therapist.