Mick Suffered of Psoriatic Arthritis for 15 years

by | Oct 10, 2016 | Testimonials

psoriatic arthritis caseI’ve had psoriatic arthritis for 15 years. The severity of my arthritis during the first 14 years was mild: 1-2 painful fingers which were easily treated with NSAIDS and often went into remission. During this past year, however, my arthritis became much worse, making joints in my feet, legs, hips, arms, and hands very painful. I noticed that certain foods made my condition worse, and when I fasted for a medical exam my joint pain felt significantly better. Research into this phenomena led me to the concept of food sensitivities, to the LEAP Protocol/Diet, and to Donna Wolf.

Under Donna’s expert care I’ve been on the LEAP Diet for over 6 months. LEAP uses the “MRT” blood test to generate an initial list of foods that are likely to cause inflammation-causing food sensitivities, and foods that are not. The diet is phased starting with the least sensitive foods on the MRT list, then other low sensitivity foods are introduced to see how your body reacts. At the end of the phased diet a large list of foods was generated that were proven to not cause inflammation and pain. This process would not have been possible without Donna Wolf’s expertise. Donna ordered the MRT test and guided the LEAP process every step of the way. She instructed me on how the LEAP process works, made adjustments to my food list, answered any EMAIL/Phone questions I had, and recommended high quality supplements that dovetailed with my list of low sensitivity foods.

The results were nothing less than astounding. My joint pain is several orders of magnitude better than when I started LEAP. The pain in my feet, knees, and hips is vastly improved. The pain in my fingers, arms, and shoulders is significantly improved and getting better every week I adhere to my low sensitivity foods. Before I started LEAP I could barely get out of a chair. Walking was extremely painful, and using my hands for everyday tasks was very painful or not possible. 6 months later I am fully mobile and hope to be pain free in the coming months. A huge side benefit of the LEAP diet is that I’ve lost over 30 pounds and my blood pressure is down 20 points. LEAP is a whole foods diet which tends to be low in sugar and refined carbohydrates, and very high in fiber.

In summary, I URGE anyone with arthritis or other inflammatory disease to consider the LEAP Protocol/Diet and make an appointment with Donna Wolf. Your doctor/rheumatologist will likely not tell you about food sensitivities and/or LEAP because he/she likely doesn’t know about it (or doesn’t want to tell you about it!). The LEAP Diet is the closest thing there is to a cure for my arthritis, it has changed my life for the better!

Mick S.


donna wolf certified LEAP therapistThis story is from a client of Donna Wolf RDN and Certified LEAP Therapist.