Karen Finally Found Relief after Two Decades of Various Digestive Issues

by | Sep 22, 2017 | Testimonials

Life changing.

That is the only word I can think of to express my experience working with Kathleen Oswalt and the LEAP diet.

After suffering from Chronic Autoimmune disease (Ulcerative Colitis), chronic hives, anxiety and various digestive diseases for 2 decades, I have finally found relief! I have been to many specialists over the years, trying to get my body functioning healthily, and had various successes where I went into remission, only to still suffer at least some symptoms, and always eventually flare up again.

I had reached the point that chronic pain and anxiety was just a normal part of my day that I lived with, despite being on 12 different medications. I had taken drugs that made me sick, depleted my immune system, caused hair loss and weight gain, and many other side effects that were difficult to live with, and still had to suffer with the pain and stress of my diseases daily on top of all of that.

For the past 2 years, I had been in a particularly awful flare up that we (my medical team and I) could just not get under control. Having had the flare for as long as I did, caused severe damage to my digestive tract that we could not get to heal, even after the meds finally started to get the flare itself under control. I was suffering with an open internal wound that would not heal. I had met with a colorectal surgeon multiple times about the possibility of having surgery to repair the damage and possibly even having my colon removed, resulting in a colostomy bag at 40.

At this point, I decided I had to try something else to get my body back under my control. I was desperate for some relief that did not involve major surgery and losing a vital organ. I decided I wanted to try and see what changing my diet could do to help me. I did some research online and found Kathleen. I was so desperate and overwhelmed at that point, and had so many issues overlapping, it really took a lot of work and patience on her part, but Kathleen started me on the LEAP elimination diet and I noticed an improvement almost immediately.

Within a few days I felt so much better and my stomach problems had subsided. After 2 weeks on the diet my bowel movements were completely normal, I had quit bleeding internally, my anemia was resolving, my pain was nonexistent, I had no bloating, and the hives I had become accustomed to as a daily (and annoying) part of my life has started to disappear.

I am 3 weeks into the diet now, and I have already been able to discontinue 4 of my meds, and have no pain or stomach issues at all.

This is remarkable for me. I feel like my old self. Like my body is finally normal again. The relief is more than I can even explain. I had forgotten how good I could feel! My entire quality of life has improved dramatically. I am sleeping better and feeling more refreshed in the morning. Also, my anxiety is almost nonexistent. I am enjoying time with my kids again and have even started exercising (just a little) again. As a side benefit, I have also lost about 8lbs, just by feeding my body the clean foods that it wants to eat.

When I think of how long I suffered, needlessly, and all of the unnecessary medical treatments I put my body through, and how close I came to having surgery, I am disappointed that I didn’t look into this sooner. It is a shame that doctors don’t recommend that patients see a Nutritionist/Registered Dietician when they are suffering from any kind of chronic health problems, especially anything involving the immune system and the gut. I am already living a better life and feel better than I had ever thought I would again.

For me, this has been a miracle and by far the best thing I have ever done for myself. I am so excited for the future and to see how my health continues to improve. I would encourage anyone struggling with any kind of health issue, even something minor, to consult with a professional to see what your body needs to function optimally. I would actually encourage everyone to consider doing this, even as a preventative measure, to reduce the risk of health problems as you get older. We only have the one body to get us through this life, and we should take great care of it so we can enjoy life to the fullest each day!

— Karen D.

Kathleen Oswalt Certified LEAP Diet TherapistThis testimonial is from one of Kathleen Oswalt‘s patients. Kathleen is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, RD/RDN, Licensed Dietitian, LD, and a Certified LEAP Therapist, CLT. She has Master’s Degree in Nutritional Science with an option in Nutrition Education completed at California State University, Chico, and also completed her Dietetic Internship at the Medical University of South Carolina.