I Learned What Foods I should Eat

by | Oct 26, 2016 | Testimonials

October 11, 2016

For years I was so bloated and inflamed, I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror or pictures. I had no energy, brain fog and generally did not feel well. I was going to all kinds of doctors looking for answers as to why I felt this way. They just wanted to treat my symptoms with medication. They were not interested in finding the source of the problems I was having. I needed help!

I decided to go to a nutritionist and that is where I heard about the MRT test. I had the MRT test on July 23, 2016.
I learned what foods I should eat and what ones I should avoid as a result of this test. It was a life saver!

Today, 11 weeks later I am down 10 pounds, fit into clothes that I have not been able to wear in 2 years. My hands and face are less puffy so I feel more like myself. I find I have more energy and the brain fog that I suffered from has disappeared. My skin color has even improved as well.

I am so happy I had this test and wish I had known about it sooner.

Christine K.
Edison, New Jersey


maria sakowitz Certified LEAP TherapistThis story is from a client of Maria Sakowitz, MS, RDN, LDN, and a Certified LEAP Therapist.