Plagued by Stomach Distress and Bloating For Years

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Patient Experiences, Testimonials

I have always been labeled “Healthy” by doctors. But, I didn’t feel healthy. For years I have been plagued by stomach distress and bloating and have gone to many doctors looking for answers. Finally, I found a young gastroenterologist who would listen to me without making assumptions about my complaints. She suggested the LEAP test which could help determine food sensitivity.

That is when I met Susan Linke. Susan spent a lot of time helping me find foods that I can live with. She helped me determine that there were many foods that bothered me which were not part of the food sensitivity test. For the first time in years I feel great and have energy, and rarely have stomach distress. Yes, it’s hard to go through drastic dietary changes. Yes, for awhile, I craved the foods that wreaked havoc on my system. But the cravings went away because I feel so much better. It’s all worth it. Susan is a great listener and wonderful friend. Without her, I would still be in the bathroom….

— D.P.

Above is a testimonial from one of Susan Linke’s patients.

Susan Linke