Leap Diet Recommendation from an ER Doctor

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Patient Experiences, Testimonials

I have practiced medicine in Canada and abroad for many years. Mine is a very practical specialty – Emergency Medicine. Most, if not all ER docs have a “prove it” kind of attitude toward many things in life, preferring to rely more on tangible evidence than the testimony of others. This is precisely the reason I rarely write testimonials about anything, especially any health-related matters. In this particular instance I would be sorrowfully remiss were I not to write a few words in support of Megan Pennington’s LEAP program.

Two other things about me: over my years of practice I have learned that given the chance, the body is perfectly capable of healing itself from many ailments without the aid of pharmaceuticals, and in my mind, the ever increasing incidence of various maladies in our culture is related directly to our continually more complicated, engineered and chemical-infused diet.

In the interest of full disclosure let me say that I had never heard of Megan’s program prior to starting it and in fact would likely not have undertaken it at all had my wife not simply told me one day that we were in fact going ahead with it. Initially it looked too complicated and disruptive to bother with. I was wrong on both counts. Megan’s experience, knowledge, constant attention and coaching smoothed out all of the bumps along the way.

The first step in the program was to send some blood off to be analyzed for a large number sensitivities. Not allergies – sensitivities. As a physician this appealed to me immensely and I found the lab results fascinating though being a bit of a skeptic I needed proof that they had some practical value. Happily, this proof was rapidly apparent.

One of the next steps in Meghan’s process is to complete an initial symptom survey which documents a myriad of unwanted symptoms, and to what degree you experience these symptoms. I found myself rating very high on a number of problems that had been pestering or plaguing me for years. These ranged from difficulty sleeping and daily fatigue, through headaches; aching, stiff joints; a constantly running nose; an unsightly, burning recurrent facial rash; exceptionally itchy ears; various very perplexing gastrointestinal issues and last but not least a tongue that on occasion burned so much I was unable to eat. Assigning a number to each of the symptoms on the survey one comes up with a “grand total” which serves as the baseline to rate progress against. My initial ‘grand total’ was 78. Within two weeks it was 43 and it has continued to drop.

Many of my issues such as the itchy ears, daily fatigue, headaches, runny nose and rash have disappeared completely while some of the others are completely controlled with very little effort. Though not the object of the exercise, a nice little side benefit of the process is that I lost some weight.

To me, this is all tangible evidence I have been correct in thinking that in many instances ‘we are what we eat’. Megan’s program provides a customized, manageable, controlled, sensible method of defining this for each individual. This is important because in this case one size does not fit all. It is astounding how different my program was from my wife’s but how simple it was to coordinate the two.

Without reservation I heartily recommend this program to anyone of any age who is seeking a non-pharmaceutical path to greater health. I sincerely wish I had done it decades ago.

Michael R. Lee
B.Sc., M.D., M.C.F.P. (E.M.), F.A.C.E.P.

Certified LEAP Therapist in CanadaMicheal Lee is a patient of Megan Pennington BSc, CHHC and Certified LEAP Therapist. She is located in Montreal, Canada.