Commitment to Funding MRT ® Related Research

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Blog

Oxford is uniquely positioned to uncover meaningful evidence related to the mechanisms of non-allergic, non-celiac, diet-induced inflammation (food sensitivities). In collaboration with Sony Biotechnology, Inc., and with our patented MRT® endpoint approach, Oxford’s research will target a deeper understanding of the role innate and adaptive immune mechanisms play, as well as deepen understanding of other analytes involved in the inflammatory process.

In 2018, Oxford will establish a research division committed to proving not just what our lab clients already know – that LEAP produces excellent outcomes across a wide range of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune conditions – but also uncovering evidence that sheds light on why LEAP works. Uncovering the underlying reasons LEAP is clinically effective establishes the pathways associated with food sensitivities and gives an immunologic identity for food sensitivities within conventional medicine. This will be an enormous contribution to both medical knowledge and to all types of practitioners who treat the chronic inflammatory conditions in which food sensitivities play a role.