Expanded MRT Profiles

by | Jan 22, 2018 | Blog

Great news! Every MRT® profile has been expanded to test more items!

More items tested means better information for you to treat, and more food choices for your patients.

More food choices make following the plan easier and thus improves adherence and outcomes.

MRT® 150 → MRT® 170

23 New Foods Added: Bok choy, Brussels sprouts, butternut squash,
cardamom, chard, coriander seed, date, egg white, egg yolk, flax seed,
halibut, kale, lime, mung bean, nutmeg, pumpkin (flesh), rainbow trout,
red kidney bean, rosemary, rooibos, scallion, venison, white bean.

3 Items Replaced: Egg (replaced by egg white and egg yolk), cola,
yellow squash (replaced by butternut squash).

MRT® 120 → MRT® 130

11 New Foods Added: Date, egg white, egg yolk, halibut, high fructose
corn syrup (HFCS), kale, mung bean, paprika, rainbow trout, tilapia, venison.

1 Item Replaced: Egg (replaced by egg white and egg yolk)

MRT® 80 → MRT® 85

20 New Foods Added: Almond, avocado, blueberry, cabbage,
cantaloupe, cashew, cheddar cheese, cherry, coconut, cottage cheese,
cucumber, egg white, egg yolk, green pea, maple syrup, paprika, plum,
shrimp, sunflower seed, sweet potato.

13 Items Replaced: Acetaminophen, candida albicans, capsaicin,
egg (replaced by egg white and eg g yolk), ibuprophen, lecithin (soy),
potassium nitrate, potassium nitrite, saccharine, salicylic acid, sodium
metabisulfite, sodium sulfite, sorbic acid.

Note: Due to test panel production limitations any orders after January 31st, 2018 of the
LEAP 150, MT- MRT® 120 and LEAP 80 panels will be automatically upgraded to the new MRT®
profiles and appropriate testing fees applied.

Check with your Oxford Representative for corresponding updated pricing information, an updated
Pricing Agreement, and the latest version of our MRT® Requisition Form.

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