After Several Years of Severe Digestive Issues, Only Two Months on LEAP Program Shows Results

by | Mar 13, 2017 | Blog

“Following is a recent testimonial by one of my clients who had severe digestive issues and socially-debilitating gas I would like to share,” Diana C. Bright, MS, RD, CCN, CLT, CGP, ND.

“For several years before starting the LEAP program, I suffered from severe digestive issues, including sometimes socially-debilitating gas. I tried several supplements, diet changes, and various lifestyle changes to address the problems only to meet limited success.

“The LEAP program was difficult to follow, but well worth it. My diet changed drastically, and I learned of several foods and methods of cooking that affected my digestive tract and learned alternatives to them for my diet. At the end of two full months of LEAP, along with guidance from my LEAP advisor, I cut my gas and other digestive symptoms considerably, maintain a healthy diet, and feel healthier than I have in quite some time. My energy is consistently high, my mood is stable, and I enjoy a variety of foods in my diet.”

I’m glad I found and undertook the LEAP program.

– Vincent Rozzi, 3/3/2017